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Was tagged by @tippani__x a while ago, but had trouble coming up with 20 facts until now hehe.

1. My favorite color is purple.
2. I’m an Aquarius.
3. I wasn’t born in New York.
4. I have two younger siblings - one sister and one brother.
5. I love food — look at my Instagram posts for proof :-)
6. I like to sleep..A LOT! I’ll still be sleepy even after sleeping all day.
7. I enjoy watching Korean dramas.
8. I listen to Kpop more than Western music.
9. I love bubble tea!!! Bubble milk green tea is my favorite! ^^
10. I like ice cream..chocolate, butter pecan, strawberry..yummm.
11. Spicy food is a must!!
12. I’m terrified of mice/rats.
13. I like going to parks and beaches.
14. I’m not a big fan of seafood.
15. I like shopping..for clothes and shoes!
16. I prefer Androids over iPhones.
17. I like wearing shorts, but not dresses or skirts.
18. Wandering randomly and the getting lost are things that happen to me a lot.
19. I went ice skating was fun and unforgettable. 20. I like surprises! But only good and sweet ones please! :D

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